Dwarf Fortress

      Dwarf Fortress

      Anyone here playing Dwarf Fortress :?:

      I heard about it a few years ago, but never took the effort to actually download and try it.
      Now I'm about to start to dive a bit into it, and it feels a lot like finally finding something to play a bit more seriously, I've played anything seriously since DF1.

      Maybe someone here already know it and can share some tipps, or maybe you wanna try out, either quitting it instantly if you don't like it, or risking addiction...

      • offline game (well ...)
      • free to play, available for Windows, Mac and Linux (win!)
      • Released 2006, continuously updated and supported since then
      • 2 indie developer guys, now living for years of donations for this game, planning to continue so
      • sandbox, procedurally generated world with all kind of landscapes, plants, animals, all kind of highly advanced simulations (e.g. weather, civilisations, even history with politics, wars and heros)
      • 2 Game Modes
        • Fortress Mode, construction strategy (and management simulation)
          • start with initially 7 dwarves to build up an epic fortress, dig huge subterranean halls, craft epic works of art, weaponry, tame giant eagles, slaughter elfs, lose everything because your dwarves are out of beer and go on rampage
          • much building construction (however you want it), much managing, much dwarf herding
          • Lemmings mixed with the Sims mixed with Darkfall mixed with Minecraft (well, this game was well before Minecraft, it is officially named as a main inspiration for minecraft)
        • Adventure Mode, turn-based open-end sandbox rpg (roguelike)
          • possible to visit the fortress you lost in the last game
          • quests an' stuff
          • dunno, didn't try out yet
      • ASCII-art style graphics
        • on purpose
        • more like reading a book then watching a movie,
          you can imagine a lot more into a few dots and characters than as in more detailed graphics, though nothing for most people I guess
        • very very information rich, when you can read and memorize all this #!**$ symbols
          • e.g.: c = cat, C = cow, ☺ = civilian dwarf, ☻= military dwarf, $ = coins, d = dog, e = elf, f = frogman, a = antman, k = kobold, W = wolf, and so on
        • game can be modded to replace the symbols with some nicer tiles
        • third party and mod tools exist to render exported ingame maps as 3D graphics
        • usually top-down view,
        • 2D display although the game is 3D, you can switch between layers up and down
        • many menus
      • Sometimes named as the most complex game ever made, you can buy books to teach you (well, you probably can about farmville too ...)
      • Darkfall style of masochisms (Darkfall 1, there is no other)
        • loosing is fun
        • even when you lose, you create an interesting story
        • Examples..
          • Fire men and magma men have high fixed body temperatures, causing them to spread fires (and fun) in their path
          • Flowing water will cause parents to drop their infants, leading to job cancellations and occasionally fun.

      Epic castle Flarechannel
      • Link
      • Click on "Spoilers" in the linked thread to see pictures made with 3rd party 3D toolsbay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=43679.0
      • Click on the last "Spoiler" in the initial post to view the The Fable of Catten and Eagle, it has ingame screenshots (used with a custom tileset) and tells the one-sided love of a tame giant eagle to a dwarf including an epic dragon battle at the end
      Epic story of badass elf Cacame Awemedinade, king of the dwarves
      • Link
      • Goblin1: Man, I heard about these Dwarves. They have an Elf, for their King!
        Goblin2: You sh*tting me?
        Goblin1: I am totally serious, this Elf is so badass the Dwarves accept him as their King!
        Goblin2: Fsck that, lets go raid the Orcs.
        Goblin1: Probably be safer.
      The Creation of Ferns dwarven civilization and Cacame's former Field of Kindling elven civilization were at war for many years, with the
      dwarves systematically defeating the elves for decades. In 90, the dwarves conquered his home city of Oily Typhoon and placed a new dwarven
      governor in charge. Cacame was 7 at the time, and 5 years later, at the ripe old age of 12, he became a Guard.

      Two years later, an elven attack from the Field of Kindling's city of Fish of Magic injured him in the lower body and killed his wife Nemo
      Ruyavaiyici (who was then eaten by Amoya Themarifa, the elf who killed her). Maddened with grief, Cacame set off to the nearest front as soon he healed enough to fight.

      During his first combat he took up his fallen commander's legendary warhammer and slew many elves with it, being noted as the battle's fiercest and deadliest warrior; for his deeds, the dwarves' second-in-command acknowledged that Cacame would best put the warhammer to use and should keep it.

      Two years after that, in 99, the Battle of Both Kings was fought. In this battle Cacame struck down King Nithe of Field of Kindling (who
      was finished off by another dwarf called Sibrek Handpages, though); however the other king slain was the dwarven king himself.
      The dwarves decided that Cacame, by now dubbed "The Immortal Onslaught", should take over as their king.

      Once made King, Cacame left in a brief quest to resurrect his wife. He returned riding a zombie wyvern, but without achieving his goal.

      Game difficulty

      Link to the game
      Yeah I now tried a customized versions with a bit better graphics: Phoebius Build
      It seems to be the most used custom graphic set.

      I played one longer adventurer session:
      I tried to find a buddy to join me in my quests, but all those guards and town folks just laughed at me for my enthusiasm, but didn't want to come with me.
      So I wandered of alone and got lost pretty soon. I met a goblin guy on the streets, he greeted me, I greeted back and we had some smalltalk.
      But after a while he demanded me to bow before him, I refused - WTF - told him Goodbye and walked my way.
      He followed me.
      His two friends followed me.
      He started to slash his sword at me. His friend started shooting with their crossbows at me.
      I got angry and started slashing at the Mr. Goblin. I barely hit him, he was very quick.
      He hit me hard on my legs, I fell, blood everywhere. I tried to grab his leg with one hand and hit him with my sword in the other.
      He chopped of my head. I dieded.

      Roflstomped. :pinch: