Class patch today!

      Class patch today!

      With today's maintenance at 12:00 GMT we will apply the Custom Roles System patch. Please note that our server downtime will last longer than usual.

      To make your waiting time more fun, we have arranged to stream some duels using different roles, so that you get a first look on possible sets that you may use.

      You only need to visit our official Twitch.TV channel to watch our stream.

      Thank you
      I think this will be my first build, mainly for solo/small group play:

      STR 120: Primalist robe, leggings, gloves -- 2 HANDED [NEITHAL POLEARM]
      INT 120: Ele hood, shoulders -- STAFFS [NEITHAL STAFF]

      1: Bolt of bedlam
      2: Lightning bolt
      3: Frostbite
      4: Lunge
      5: Evade
      6: Vamp strike
      7: Watery grave
      8: *Pall of pandemonium

      1: Stam>Health
      2: Mana>Stam
      3: Health>Mana
      4: Heal self
      5: Healing blast
      6: Disable
      7: Heal mount
      8: Break fall

      Fayt Ality

      Hottest mage in all of Agon.