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  • Hello! It's been a while since we've been playing together. Now with darkfall making a return I decided to give it a try and got hooked instantly when I started darkfall new dawn. Currently playing together with Lux Arcana and there's a lot of activity on the server ranging from player or GM made events aswell as ofc a lot of PvP!

    Some fights that's been happening:

    If you're interested we could either form our own clan or join up with Lux Arcana: luxarcana.org/forums/dnd-recruitment/

    Hopefully I'll see one or two of ya

    Best regards you beasts,
    Azmoodeus aka Lupus aka Ynrendin
  • foggen wrote:

    Weird Earb wrote:

    Dear Sir,

    How is the game at the moment? Worth to come back?
    Most of the names are still the same and its difficult to get a picture out of Forumfall.

    Is there an economy in the game or is it just the last eliteplayers fighting each other?


    I would lie if I said the population is flourishing.

    Mainly clans consist of 8-15 people and some bigger like Liandri/Zagenda/Brotherhood/Red Army at around 20-25.

    However I kind of enjoy this equally sized clans we currently have, it makes pvp and sieges quite fun.

    I enjoy the game as it is right now but obviously we lack a solid economy still. It have improved alot however. Av is in fact delivering good patches and changes.

    Thank you!
  • Greetings,

    With today's maintenance we are applying the "Halloween" patch.

    Halloween Event:

    Ghastly greetings to all haunters and haunted alike! Tis a time of ghastly goings on and gut-wrenchingly villainous deeds. A time of horrid monsters and horrible people to revel in the annual dedication to lovely, lovely evil...

    In short.. it is Halloween!

    Starting from the 30th of October and for 5 days hence (or more), we shall be celebrating this darkest timeline with some sickly sweet new situations!

    Stranger’s Candy: AKA Trick!

    Certain of our beasties around the land have begun to act strangely, taken to gathering sweets and candies for some nefarious purpose. You need simply slay these ‘strangers’ and take this candy for yourself!

    These sweetly endowed monsters will change every day. You will, however, be able to identify them from their distinctly ‘squashed’ appearance.

    Map Markers will show the locations of the new spawn points every day.

    New Feats and Goodies: AKA Treat!

    Five new special halloween feats will be haunting your feat window and each one will reward special unique treats as well as prowess.

    You will also find some horrifyingly awesome new halloween themed…
  • Greetings,
    with the upcoming Halloween patch we are going to introduce the new skin system.

    More specifically, a new UI window called "Gear Guise" will support the new skin system.

    Skins will exist in a container in your backpack and will be acquirable in game either through various activities or through the shop. Skin Containers will be trade-able and sell-able through the market.

    When you double click on the container, the skin will be unlocked in the Gear Guise window and the container will disappear.

    In the Gear Guise, you can find a list with all the unlocked skins, and slots to activate the skin of your choice.

    When you will have equipped, for example, a Pole-arm and you have activated the Scythe Skin, a Scythe will appear in the place of the pole-arm.

    This will only affect the visual appearance, and will NOT affect stats at all.

    Disclaimer: The skin only works for the person who has unlocked it. While you may spawn and use as many skinned mounts as you like, should someone else acquire your mount, it will revert to it's original form.

    The system will support skinning for the following: