Darkfall: Patch Notes October 21st

      Darkfall: Patch Notes October 21st


      With today's maintenance we are applying the "Timed-Event" patch.

      The patch contains the following:

      Sea Fortress changes

      Sea Fortresses will now require a capture and hold mechanic in order to become owned by a clan.

      To begin capturing a sea fortress, you will first need to destroy all three control points (Lighthouses) surrounding the sea fortress. Every time a lighthouse is damaged, an on-screen pop-up message notifies the owning clan (every 1 minute), that someone is attempting to capture their sea fortress.
      Lighthouses are only damaged by cannon damage.
      When all control points have been destroyed, a 45-minute cooldown begins so that the server is notified of the activity. Destroying a lighthouse, awards 10% to the clan (or clanless player) of the Sea Fortress loot table when it is captured.

      Capturing the sea fortress uses the last hit mechanic. Once the sea fortress is captured the rewards are calculated per tick, based on the last time the sea fortress was captured. The loot goes into the new owning clan’s bank.

      Both sea fortresses now offer the same loot and bonuses.

      Once a sea fortress is captured, the control points are rebuilt to full health and the sea fortress and lighthouses become invulnerable for 23h.

      Sea Fortresses owned by a clan are now shown in their “Clan Overview” window, along with their owned holdings and villages

      Ship Ramming

      A ship can damage another ship if its captain keeps pressing 'W' while the two ships are in contact.

      An impact damage is applied on the target ship every 2 seconds
      Larger ships do more damage on smaller ships

      Monolith changes

      Monoliths will now become active once a certain number of monsters from a specific family has been killed and remain active for a specific duration.

      While they are active, any player can participate in the event.

      Each monolith tier is to be activated by killing monsters from a different monster family.

      As players all over the world kill monsters from that family, the activation progress bar of the monolith fills up, in a manner similar to the levy collector progress bar.

      When the required amount has been reached, a system message is sent to all players informing them that the specific monolith will become active in 15 minutes. The world map is updated accordingly, with a 15 minute bar displayed under the prowess monolith.

      Once the prowess monolith is enabled, it remains active for 30 minutes.

      Once deactivated, the progress bar is reset and can start being filled up again immediately.

      Village Requisition changes

      The new system for village requisitioning allows clans to select the intervals between their villages becoming available for requisitioning. Through the Clan Configuration UI, clan members with the appropriate permissions can select, through a drop down, the interval at which they want their villages to become active again. The timer applies universally to all villages owned by the clan. The selection affects the timer, the globules required and the amount of rewards that will be available.

      The interval at which the villages will go live can be altered at any time but the modification affects the next cycle and not the current one. If a clan does not own any villages the change will have immediate effect.

      For example, if a clan has set it’s villages to go live every 12 hours and the timer is now sitting at 8 hours, altering the interval option to 6 hours will leave the current cycle unaffected but as soon as this cycle ends, the next one is set to 6 hours.

      In the case of a village switching hands, it’s timer immediately conforms to the timer of the clan that captured it. The same applies to the material reward.

      By default ,the smallest timer(4hours) will be selected for every clan. Changing the timer will affect the next cycle.

      General changes

      Crafted items can now be automatically placed into a specific bag within a player's backpack
      Does not apply to stackable items, they still get added to the “first found” stack in the player's inventory
      The “destination bag” is the bag that is being viewed in the backpack window at the point the “Start Crafting” button is clicked
      If the player starts a crafting session of multiple items, they are free to move to other inventory views after clicking “Start Crafting”, the initial bag remains the target
      If the bag is deleted during a crafting session, or for any other reason the bag cannot be found at the end of a crafting operation, then the crafted item will be placed in the root of the inventory
      Fairly Prolific Shipwright feat now also includes the Schooner.
      Option for Low Quality shaders has been added.
      Replaced the party member names with party member name initials.
      When a party member is clicked in the UI, the minimap icon changes to indicate the selection.
      Added key bindings to main menu options tooltips

      Combat changes

      Horizontal falling damage has been slightly reduced.
      Evade speed has been slightly reduced.

      General fixes

      Fixed an issue that stopped items within bags from being deleted by dragging them out into the game-area of the screen and dropping them
      Fix for non tradeable items being placed in inappropriate containers if they were in a bag

      World changes

      Increased the spawn number of doom spiders in El' Kali

      In-game shop

      New Oktoberfest Unlockable Emote (Limited time item)
      New Beer-lovers Fedora (Limited time item, Hat)
      New Hell Razed Cannibal’s Visage (Mask)

      Identity Nullifier: Name selection is an extremely important aspect of character creation in Darkfall. As you can have only one character per account, the repercussions of your actions weigh more heavily, and are tightly connected to your name and the reputation it follows. With that said, the pricing of the Identity Nullifier was not sufficient in order to ensure that a player’s actions had meaning and effect in a persistent world. Hence, increasing the item’s Selentine price to 60, was deemed appropriate and within the direction of your feedback.