Patch Notes October 30th - Halloween Patch!

      Patch Notes October 30th - Halloween Patch!


      With today's maintenance we are applying the "Halloween" patch.

      Halloween Event:

      Ghastly greetings to all haunters and haunted alike! Tis a time of ghastly goings on and gut-wrenchingly villainous deeds. A time of horrid monsters and horrible people to revel in the annual dedication to lovely, lovely evil...

      In short.. it is Halloween!

      Starting from the 30th of October and for 5 days hence (or more), we shall be celebrating this darkest timeline with some sickly sweet new situations!

      Stranger’s Candy: AKA Trick!

      Certain of our beasties around the land have begun to act strangely, taken to gathering sweets and candies for some nefarious purpose. You need simply slay these ‘strangers’ and take this candy for yourself!

      These sweetly endowed monsters will change every day. You will, however, be able to identify them from their distinctly ‘squashed’ appearance.

      Map Markers will show the locations of the new spawn points every day.

      New Feats and Goodies: AKA Treat!

      Five new special halloween feats will be haunting your feat window and each one will reward special unique treats as well as prowess.

      You will also find some horrifyingly awesome new halloween themed items in the shop!

      Also be sure to keep a newts eyeball out for many other special treats around the land during All Hallow’s Eve and beyond!

      Changes for the Halloween Event:

      Chaos chests have been replaced with Chaos cauldrons
      Increased global number of Chaos chests by 50% for the duration of the event

      NEW Gear Guise UI

      A completely new system that allows players to visually customise their gear. Various skins are introduced with our Halloween patch and more will be added over time. Players can open their Gear Guise window to select the skin they want to the apply to a specific gear type and this way change the appearance of their gear. Read more here.

      Combat Changes


      Attunement to Air

      Reduced Piercing Protection Magnitude by 23%


      Increased Cool-Down by 11%
      Decreased Duration by 31%


      Reduced Cool-Down by 27%
      Reduced Casting Time by 75%


      Increased Cool-Down by 42%
      Increased Casting Time by 150%

      Healing Blast

      Increased Cool-Down by 19%

      Heart of Stone

      Increased Damage Absorb Effect Magnitude by 33% (except Impact)


      Replaced Mana Regeneration Effect with a Mana Bonus Effect.
      The regeneration effect was too powerful when stacked with other regeneration effects (food/ primalist armor / city buffs)


      Decreased Cool-Down by 38%
      Reduced Duration (revives faster) by 40%


      Increased Magnitude by 38%

      Static Field

      Replaced Damage Reflect Mechanic with a short-duration melee protections debuff.

      Tectonic Shift

      Length has been doubled.


      Decreased Cool-Down by 25%

      Watery Grave

      Reduced Duration by 27%
      Increased the spell’s “pull” while inside its effect. This will make targets inside the spell “move” faster and potentially make them harder to aim at, as well as harder to land melee attacks on.

      General Damage

      Added 3 points of damage at full (110) attribute for all basic melee hits and archery


      Increased Reach of

      Knives by 10%
      Axes, Clubs by 12%
      Swords by 10%
      Greataxes 2%
      Greatclubs 2%

      This was done in order to make 1handed weapons + Shield style more viable in PvP, against 2handed style.

      Note that:

      Swords, axes and clubs now have the same reach.
      Greatswords, Greataxes, and Greatclubs now have the same reach.
      Knives have slightly less reach than 1 handed weapons.
      2 handed weapons have 8% more reach than their 1 handed equivalents.

      Increased Speed of

      Clubs by 3%
      GreatAxes by 2%
      GreatClubs by 3%


      Reduced Piercing Protection of all Metal Armors by 6% at Dread Plate level

      General Fixes/Changes

      Added an "auto close windows" option under "Game Options". This will completely close any windows except Chat/Pinned windows, when entering Action Mode.
      Fixed an issue that caused the invulnerability timer for sea fortresses to reset at server down.
      Fixed an issue that cause incorrect display of sea fortress loot, after the sea fortress was captured.
      Reduced the loot percentage from killing a lighthouse, from 10% to 5% of the total sea fortress loot.
      Fixed a bug with activating selentine items when not having the cost of the item in your current selentine gold balance
      Fixed a bug with two shop masks that had switched visuals in female characters
      Fixed Siege ladder tooltip
      Fixed a bug where in some cases the mouse cursor would highlight text in the chat window and the minimap was being panned when the user was in action mode.
      Fixed a bug where the Tribeland bear was not showing up as a craftable item

      Halloween Items

      Items attainable from the Halloween Event feats

      THE LIMB - Add this skin to your one handed club via the Gear Guise window to lend it the aspect of the fleshless arm you ripped off and enemy to pound him to a pulp with.

      JAWBREAKER SHIELD - Add this skin to your shield via the Gear Guise window to lend it the aspect of a treat that many a foe will break their jaw on. Or is that a trick?

      SQUASH FACE - Don this headgear to take on the squashed aspect resembling the strangely attired monsters during All Hallows Eve!

      GOREGRINDER VISAGE - This horrifying headgear represents the average Agonians love of the marriage between death and metal!

      SCARECROW CHUMP RECIPE - Double click on this design to learn how to craft your own Scarecrow Chump! The perfect companion to pound on if you want to test the strength of your abilities. Or if you simply want something to hurt that won't hit back.

      Attainable from the Selentine Shop

      Halloween Bag O Tricks - A bundle of all the ghastly items you can acquire via the shop for one reduced price! You’ll be getting:

      The Carved Gentleman,
      The Bloated Flesh Construct’s Visage,
      The Plague Doctor’s Visage,
      The Hell Raised Aegis,
      The Reaper,
      The Widowmaker,
      The Sweeper!

      The Carved Gentleman (Headgear) - Carved and fanciful, don this creepily dapper headgear this All Hallow's Eve.

      The Bloated Flesh Construct’s Visage (Headgear) - Redefining the 'wet look'. Don this headgear if you fancy that drowned flesh golem look that is quickly becoming all the rage (and terror) this Halloween!

      The Plague Doctor’s Visage(Headgear) - In Agon, Plague Doctors help all the vile and virulent plagues that rot through the land stay healthy and well fed! This item fits snugly into your headgear slot.

      The Hell Raised Aegis(Shield skin) - Add this skin to your shield via the Gear Guise window to give it the aspect of a terrible item raised up from the very bowels of the hell dimensions and rumored to have pounded a whole host of celestial's brains to pulp during the recent wars!

      The Reaper (Polearm skin) - Add this skin to your pole-arm via the Gear Guise window to give it the aspect of the tool used by the Grim Reaper himself to harvest hapless souls.

      The Widowmaker (Bow skin) - Add this skin to your bow via the Gear Guise window to give it the aspect of one of the most cringe-worthy weapons in the Widows arsenal!

      Brains (Emote) - Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand, playername crawls in search of blood, to terrorize your neighborhood!

      The Sweeper (Mount skin) - Ride into battle like the very spawn of anarchy itself! This skin will replace that of as many of your mounts you desire. The mount will revert back to the original should you lose possession of it.

      Have a spooktakular good time!