Announcement regarding DFO riots or not?

      Announcement regarding DFO riots or not?…ng-DFO-coming-today/page9

      "You will get an official letter from our CEO tomorrow.

      The only reason we changed the time is that we consider way more important to release a direct letter from our management, instead of me posting the news.

      Thank you for your patience, and you will have your questions answered once you read the letter."

      -Icy wave

      It appears so.

      Newsflash: "Again riots in Greece, but this time not because of the economy..."

      "Aventure" wrote:

      Players were getting bored with the DFO game after a month or two.

      LoL 8| They should better analyse their logs.
      I'm sure that the leavers are mostly people who didn't join clans and got their first mount stolen by Ginger.
      Well, ok, that could be many :whistling:
      ZAD postet this on the official Forum (the dev who started the hype about DF 1)

      Its from today, morning.

      My message.

      I apologize for the previous message, it was not approved for
      posting. I'll try to be as specific as possible as per the community
      request to bring back the original Darkfall:

      It's well known that we're a small independent game developer working
      hard to support one of the highest maintenance game types there is.

      Bringing back the original Darkfall is unfortunately unrealistic and
      impractical. There is no doubt that it was a great game, which had its'
      chance, but unfortunately stopped being viable and had to end. It's as
      massive an effort and expense as launching any MMORPG and would require
      months of development in order to go back in time. Even if we did, it
      would require a sustained serious critical mass of players, in order for
      it to be viable. We are unfortunately unable to support that kind of
      an effort, and we don't believe there is a market for it.

      Having said that, we remain open to serious proposals for licensing and
      supporting the original Darkfall. Unfortunately, to date, there have
      been none other than some quick semi-anonymous emails asking "how much
      would it cost". It would take a sizeable server investment to cover a
      region and a minimum low five figure amount just for bandwidth and basic
      systems operations. This doesn't include developer and customer
      support, and it certainly doesn't include the serious effort behind
      keeping the game updated. It's a large-scale operation to run an
      MMORPG, but Darkfall in particular, due to its' real-time nature, is
      even more demanding on hardware, bandwidth, and development support.

      Our main development objective is to work on continuously improving our
      current game, Darkfall Unholy Wars, and to infuse it with some of the
      magic Darkfall Online had to offer. This is the time when we need to be
      able to focus on Darkfall Unholy Wars, and we need to know that we can
      depend on your support in that.

      Thank you.

      Captain JAMES T. KIRK

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